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WILLIAM C. "BILL" REID - Hi! I have been illustrating books, painting pocket book covers, doing a comic strip and panel cartoons for the past 39 years for a living. I guess that I've had to make some progress during that time. Although I'm retired now, I still find myself working just so I don't lose the knack. I spend far too much time at the drawing board. You know what they say, "Don't get paid to practise ... don't get paid if you don't."

As I look back over the years, I would have to admit that, as long as I was drawing or painting, I was enjoying myself. I did get a great deal of pleasure from the comic strips and gag panel cartoons that I produced, and it was wonderful to make a living at something that I loved to do.

J. DOUGLAS "DOUG" ROSS - Hi everyone! I have officially resigned as the domain webmaster of the website for the Clan Ross Association of Canada, as of December, 2012, and the integrity of my personal content is now preserved on the Ross-ter Website.

I am best described as a "generalist", a once-in-a-while author, an historian of my family and branches descended from my gggf & gggm, a researcher best known to those who attend our annual Ross Reunion on the first Monday of August, a retired (?) educator and a "doodler". I had a pilot's licence before a driver's licence. I have travelled Canada from coast to coast, flown to most countries in South America via some dozen airlines, walked the trails of my ancestors in Scotland, visited Beijing and Inner Mongolia, enjoyed both the East and the West coasts of the USA and taken the inner passage on a cruise to Alaska at the beginning of the summer of 2000.

JAY C. SMITH - Howdy y'all,

I hail from Malakoff, Texas, where I've worked as a draftsman/surveyor for a general contractor for the past 20 years. I've always been interested in art, drawing, painting & music. So far, I've never had anything published, but I manage to entertain my co-workers with cartoons related to themselves and their work.

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