The Ancestor Scottish Nail Clipper Old Scotland's Business Men
Half Scottish No Starch Beautiful Music
Scottish Paratrooper Scottish Broadjumper Scotch on the Rocks
Scottish Facelift Scottish Flasher Scottish Bull Fighter
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Scottish Whisker Trimmer Scot and Kangaroo A Haircut
University Bungie Jump Munchy Time
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My wife Evelyn and I have a married daughter (with her own son and daughter) and a married son (with his own two daughters). The grandchildren keep Evelyn busy. Sail boating, as my hobby, has taken up most of my free time ... waxing, polishing and anti-fouling the hull.

My forte is in illustrating and not writing. I have written articles to accompany some of my story illustrations, but I find it hard work. As serious as I am I'll have to admit that humour is my middle name. As that has been my business at Reid Studios Limited for the last umpteen years it tends to become more of a science than a God-given gift. Art will always be a major part of my life. I paint and draw what I like and when I like, but practice I must. One must keep up or drop out. With art, if you lived to be 150 there would always be something new to learn.

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