Our 1979 Family Trip

Pat's parents arrived at our home one day earlier than expected and, after a brief celebration of our 12th Anniversary (July 1), we began our trip to the West at 4:30 pm. We would have plenty of time to visit distant relatives along the way before reaching our destinations. Viewers may click on the map of Canada to obtain a broad, general perspective of our travels.
By July 3, our family had crossed the northern shore of Lake Superior and had arrived in Winnipeg, where we contacted Hazel (Ross) Woods, A5B1, in Winnipeg by telephone. Each contact with relatives resulted in notations in The Ross-ter records or Our Ross Family Story.
On July 4, we visited Phyllis Foster Beach (A7C2) in Elm Creek; her husband Wayne and neighbour Donald Woods (A5B1C) were sodding their lawns and had just driven off in the truck. We found Bill and Zella Ross (D3D) at Victoria Park Lodge in Souris before driving over to see son Cecil and Mary (D3D1). We booked into a motel on the Trans-Canada Highway in Brandon before driving to the home of Allan Ross (D3D3C) who was working for CKLQ radio.
As we crossed into Saskatchewan, we were able to visit Dorothy Wilson Larsen (A7D1) and her nephew John Langston (A7D2A) in Redvers. On July 5, we took a side trip to Chamberlain, Saskatchewan, to contact Gladys Heyd Gottselig (AeA7) before continuing on towards . . .