J. Douglas Ross, FSA Scot

Two events provided the stimuli for this current project. First was the tour of Scottish Highlands and Islands which Pat and I took in May of 2007, and the second was an email contact from Kristjan Helgi Sveinsson which stated that he "had a look at [our] information on the internet" and found it "very interesting". Kristjan lives in Blomsturvellir, IS-601 Akureyri, Iceland, and informed us that he has traced his ancestry from Hunbogi Thorgilsson, who resided Skard in Dalasysla, and was the brother of Ari "the Learned" Thorgilson, a priest whose Íslendingabók covered the history of settlement in Iceland.

I: The Ross & Viking Connection

II: The O'Beolan & Viking Connection

III: Viking Genealogies