23rd Annual Tartan Day Celebration - 2015

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On April 10th Patricia, Rob and I attended the Scottish Studies Society's 23rd Tartan Day celebration and Scot of the Year Award for 2015, which was held at the University Club Uof T at 380 University Avenue. Director William Davidson and his committee for this event may take credit for a very successful evening. The coverage for the evening will follow the Order of Events which follows:



Director Mary Vigrow and Director Heather Bridge were in charge of the table assignment lists and bar sales at the entrance to the reception area. Everyone appreciated their cheery greeting to commence the evening. Photos captured the guests in the reception room and the Highland dancers in the hall. The University of Guelph set up a CHAPBOOK display near the entrance to the dining room. Stephanie Hutka provided violin music during the reception as well as during the dinner.


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Watch the Sword Dance here.


Maggie McEwen, President of the Scottish Studies Foundation, described the concept of the Award. Bill Davidson, President of the Scottish Studies Society, introduced Richard Wernham, past Scot of the Year. Richard's speech highlighted his friendship and connection to this year's nominee before making the presentation to Rob McEwan. Actually, the quaich was removed from its box and placed on the lecturn, but there was no pause in the proceedings for a photo shoot. Rob McEwan delivered a lengthy, but entertaining, speech about his life and many accomplishments. An overheard comment reported that Rob's talk was the best one given by any recipient of the Award.

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Bill Davidson asked John McMillan to give the Selkirk Grace. Then guests stood as the Haggis was piped in by John Wakefield. He was followed by John McMillan (carrying the Haggis), David Campbell and Maggie McEwen (with the whisky). David Campbell performed the Address to the Haggis.


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Here's David Campbell's Address to the Haggis.



Rob was the first to note the swan shape on the butter plate. Patricia added pictures of the Haggis, neeps and tatties, the grilled Angus filet mignon and the Grand Marnier Creme Brulée.


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And we do mean hopping. Even the servers found that it was a tight squeeze getting around, but everybody managed somehow.In no particular order (or disorder), we managed to take some photographs at the tables of the members and guests during the dinner. [If you looked at the video of the Address to the Haggis, you will have noted that piper John Wakefield had a wee bit of difficulty getting past one table. I am certain that I detected a couple of unintentional grace notes during the recording. :=}]

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James Fraser, Chair of Scottish Studies, University of Guelph, summarized his work as an author and educator in Scottish history. He outlined some of the developments sponsored by the Scottish Studies Foundation, spoke about the Scottish Chapbook Digital Humanities site launched on March 26, and invited attendance at the Scottish Studies Spring Colloquium at Knox College in Toronto on April 18.

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