OOR CLUB - October 4, 2019
Rebuilding A Historic Clan

On October 4, Maggie shared her experience attending the first family gathering (Derbfine) of the MacEwans which was held in Kilfinnin, Scotland, earlier this year. She learned that steps were being taken to name a first chief since 1493 in a revived clan, and questioned why there was no Canadian Flag at the gathering. This led to her being appointed the convener for Canada since she was the only Canadian of that name present.

Upon her return to Canada, she was contacted by David Radley, Manager of the Fergus Scottish Festival, who informed her that the Festival Chieftain for 2019 was going to be the Lord Lyon, The Reverend Canon Dr. Joseph John Morrow, CBE, KStJ, QC, DL, LLD. She was asked if she could arrange a reception for the Lord Lyon and, with the aid of Bob Smart, a visit to the University of Guelph was planned. Maggie also arranged for a tent to be set up for Clan McEwen of Canada for the first time, and was assured by the Lord Lyon that the Chief for a rebuilt MacEwen Clan would be a top priority.




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