My Report

On The Universal Clan Passport

1. encourages youngsters to learn more about their heritage,

2. has space for children to print their names on the front cover to promote a sense of ownership of their booklet (and their culture),

3. the Universal Clan Passport can be used at any Scottish festival,

4. the Universal Clan Passport can be used many times during any year or even over a span of several years,

5. can start with one or two clans taking the initiative to produce a dozen or so booklets to take to the next festival,

6. it is relatively inexpensive for a clan representative (or anyone) to produce,

7. it has a side benefit of attracting adults (parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts) to the clan tents which distribute the booklets,

8. the Scottish Studies Foundation and website are advertised on the cover,

9. it costs nothing for the Scottish Studies Foundation to endorse, BUT

10. What do we do with left-over Fergus Clan Passports which are now a collectors' item?

Report delivered at the SSF meeting on January 26, 2016, by J. Douglas Ross

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