OOR CLUB - April 5, 2019
Scotland Should Join Canada
BRUCE SIMPSON This Scottish Studies Society event was attended by Patricia and Doug Ross at the "Oor Club" on April 5, 2019 at the Duke of York Pub at 1954 Yonge Street in Toronto. David Hunter, the president of the Scottish Studies Foundation, sent a notice and invitation a few days earlier to see his "Highlands of Scotland" video.

A snippet of Bruce's Post Brexit Talk and his persuasive argument of why Scotland should become an additional Canadian privince has been posted on YouTube.

Earlier during his talk Bruce drew attention to the role of Scottish explorers in Canada's history . . . from Alexander Makenzie crossing Canada ten years prior to the Lewis and Clark expedition to the south . . . to fur-trader Simon Fraser's charting of British Columbia . . . to fur-trader David Thompson's mapping of most of Canada . . . to the exploration of the Northwest passage by John Franklin. Bruce Simpson reveals the part played by Dr. John Rae in Franklin's story. [Bruce also adds an anecdote about two Scots who received no credit for their part in the discovery of Canada in 1010 AD.]

Here are some photos of the event, which you may CLICK for a larger size.


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