1. In our telephone conversation on February 11, I asked to be notified if possible about the time any work will be done at the family mausoleum so that I can add a first-hand account to the history.

2. The Medical Officer of Health shall have complete authority over the transfer of any remains from the green box to a body bag so that they will be disturbed as little as possible. During this process, there will be no photographs unless required by the M.O.H., but I have asked that there be a written record of details such as those which may be readily inspected concerning general appearance, age, sex, size, clothing, or condition (anything unusual).

3. I mentioned a codicil to my personal Will and Testament, in which I have appointed my daughter and my son as Custodians (and Interment Rights Holders) of the family mausoleum. Because of the questionable practices of former cemetery boards, I challenge the authorization of any other Interment Rights Holders since June 24 of 1973.

4. It is my intent to have the ashes of my Aunt Phoebe returned to the family mausoleum insofar as it is possible. Let it be known that I am searching for all written accounts or documents pertaining to this part of the mausoleum's history. In particular, how did all of the additional cement work get completed without any records or receipts? Then how did the green box replace the small urn holding my aunt's ashes?

Sláinte mhòr!
Doug Ross, FSA Scot

Webmaster for the descendants of Alexander Ross and Margaret Noble

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