Ross-ter Legal Stuff

Make sure that you pack a lunch when you visit the website, especially if you head towards CAT's PURRsonal Page of Favourite Things and her LYNX. Just follow the directions very carefully. One hapless individual took a left turn along the way and was lost for weeks. Our search party was successful eventually, but poor Angus was only a shadow of his former self when we reached him. I warned him to top up his canteen with his favourite potent potion before starting off through the maze at my website, particularly if he intended to wander off through the LYNX at CAT's page. [I have been lost there a few times myself.]

Many sections in this website are devoted to the five surviving ROSS branches who emigrated from Scotland to Ontario. Since most family members know which branch they belong to, it is highly unlikely that I shall be responding to many inquiries from non-members.


1.Photographs and stories may be reproduced for personal use, but not for redistribution in any form without written permission

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3.Unless otherwise stated, all designs (including the doodles on the note-pad beside my telephone), graphics (including animated gifs), text (including my grocery list) and other content on this website are the property of and copyright by - J. Douglas Ross.

4.Material from other persons and genealogical data from members are all used with their permission. You are expected to respect their rights as well.

5.No material from our website may be replicated, reproduced or redistributed in any form without our expressed written consent.

6.Ownership: This website is owned by and technical correspondence should be sent to: J. Douglas Ross .

7.The use of links to other websites consitutes an agreement with their policies.

8.The use of this website constitutes an agreement with this notice.

9.An annual Christmas Ross-ter Update is emailed to aproximately 50 families in our branches. There is no charge for this service. Members are encouraged to print and share the updates with other members in our extended family.