This section contains an overview of some fossils from the Ordovician Period to be found in Southern Ontario. This area was covered by the sea around one hundred seventy million years ago, and representative fossil samples of the kinds of life may be found in the sedementary rocks in gravel pits and near river beds. I hope that you enjoy this story about my findings during the early 1960's. You may CLICK HERE for a Fossil Expedition during this time period before the river was dammed at Magwood Park.

01: The Ordovician Period in Southern Ontario 02: Preparatory Research
03: Humber River Site Analysis 04: Map - The Humber River from Bloor St. to Dundas St.
05: Other Sites; Fossils Described 06: Equipment Illustrated
07: Equipment Discussed 08: Equipment (Continued); Fossils Collected
09: Photographs of Four Common Fossil Types 10: Bryozoa
11: Photographs of Fossil Bryozoa Colonies 12: Brachiopods
13: Photographs of Fossil Brachiopods 14: Mollusks - Pelecypods and Gastropods
15: Photographs of Fossil Pelecypods and Gastropods 16: Mollusks - Cephalopods
17: Photographs of Cephalopod Fossils 18: Annelids
19: Photographs of Annelid Fossils 20: Arthropods - Trilobites
21: Photographs of Trilobite Fossils 22: Echinoderms - Crinoids
23: Sketch of a Crinoid 24: Photographs of Fossilized Crinoid Fragments

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