This photograph, preserved by Phoebe Jean McGregor Ross (A8C), may be the only one in existence of a descendant in Branch "F". Margaret C. Fraser (F2) is sitting in the shadows of the verandah at the manse in Kilsyth, Ontario, during the summer of 1920. She brought the dog with her from Montreal where she was working when my grandfather found her after her father's death in Guelph. Maggie was born at the Shore-of-Drynie, Knockbain Parish, Black Isle, towards the end of June in 1850, and she died at the home of my grandparents on February 25, 1949.

I have vivid recollections of Maggie after she came to Toronto to live with my grandparents when they retired. She would pick up the "Toronto Daily Star" newspaper which carried instalments of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and, in a thoroughly Scottish accent, she would read, "Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail and Peter-r-r-r lived under-r-r-r the r-r-r-root of a big fir-r-r-r tr-r-r-ree."

[NOTE: This was the very same Daily Star where Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane worked before they were transferred to the Daily Planet.]

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