On July 4, during our family trip to the Rockies in 1979, we visited William John Ross (D3D) and his wife Zella Louise Venning at the Victoria Park Lodge in Souris. They permitted me to take slides of the oil paintings of Donald Ross and Mary Ann Madill. The photographs are shown to the left and the right above.

Evelyn (Ross) Brown (D8A) telephoned me on January 1, 1981, during a visit to Toronto from Victoria, British Columbia. Donald Ross died at her father's home on August 26, 1914. When her father, Frank Ross (D8) died on February 29, 1932, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the oil paintings had been sent to Aubrey Cunningham (DxD), who had colour enlargements made for some of the family members.

On March 3, 2000, I received an envelope of pictures from Donald B. Brown (D6B1) of Lindsay, Ontario. Among the photographs was the one of Donald Ross and Mary Ann Madill in the centre above. This is obviously the original photo from which the oil paintings were made. [As they say . . . now we know the rest of the story.]

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