A CATalogue



Click Here to pop some bubble wrap.
Click Here and share the sound of laughter while playing with a rubber band.
Click Here to witness time on the move.
Click Here for a clock that juggles the date as well. Very moving!
Click Here to set off your very own fireworks display. Move your mouse & click on the cursor.
Click Here for a household pet that won't damage your furniture. Move your mouse.
Click Here for some Hallowe'en fun with a skeleton.
Click Here for hours, minutes, perhaps seconds of lively exercise with your mouse.
Click Here for a wee game of skill. Click on the bear. Then click to swing the bat. WARNING: This can be addictive!
Click Here for some Christmas fun with a snowglobe. Give it a shake with your cursor to make things happen.
Click Here if you need someone to keep an eye on things. Move your mouse.
Click Here if you want to check whether Big Brother is watching you.
http://yugop.com/ Click Here for a total waste of time when you interact with unique shapes and scenarios. What a blast!
Click Here for a more shapes and scenarios as the previous one. What a blast!
Click Here to start your own quartet. You may click its members ON or OFF as you wish.
Click Here to hear your quartet's successful debut with Santa.
Click Here for a time-out at a duck hunt with your favourite pooch.
Click Here to have some fun with a pyramid of bears.
Click Here for a selection of unrated time-wasters.
Click Here for a bug that will follow you around.
Click Here to test your skill at bringing these wanderers home.
Click Here if you'd like to do nothing except play with time.
Click Here and control the fly guy with the arrow buttons.
Click Here for a pointless superbad adventure (where the author keeps changing the site) OR start a new adventure.

Some of the following sites are taking a time-out.

Click Here for some illusions at David Copperfield's website. Give the illusions time to load. Don't panic.
Click Here. I don't know how this is done. When you move your mouse, the eyes will follow. When you write something in the space and click on it, the head will talk. You may also change the voices.
Click Here and swat the flies with a right click using your mouse. Flies will either grow larger or multiply according to your expertise.
Click Here for a shocker, but beware when you click on the sensitive pig's nose!
Click Here for some fun with a wee wabbit, but you may have to shake it off if it catches you.

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